Google vs. Turner

On Friday, after a lovely lunch at St.Pauls (do go – it’s worth it) and a long stroll down the river in the lovely autumn sunshine, we wandered through Tate Britain enjoying each other and the art – although to be fair we both spent more time marvelling at the architecture of gallery rather than the art it contained.  However, looking at some of J W M Turner’s paintings of the river – especially Richmond Hill it reminded me of an email exchange between us from earlier this year which compared another of Turner’s famous river scenes with the same view as captured from Google’s Streetview.

Mortlake Terrace (JWMTurner)

Mortlake Terrace, J W M Turner 1827

Turner painted this view in 1827 and clearly the White Hart pub hadn’t extended beyond a little hut -I wonder where Turner slaked his thirst when he had finished painting?  Obviously we guessed that the sailing barges would now probably more likely be rowing skulls these days – but what else has changed?

Mortlake terrace (google streetview)

"Mortlake Terrace", Google Streetview, 2009

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