There be Dragons!

While sipping cocktails the other night at The Zetter, and inspired by Steve Rosenthal’s fabulous A to Zed that we saw together at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition (Wired also thought it was bloody good) we were discussing interior design (The Zetter being famed for its “homely contemporary” interior) and what we would like to hang on our walls.


"A to Zed", Steve Rosenthal, 2009

A contemporary, stylish version of the classic “travel map” was suggested – you know, one that you stick pins in, and then tie thread to connect with photos and artefacts.  I just loved that idea and a quick search on the Blackberry returned quite a number of results – but all of them were what we would both describe as functional and certainly nothing that you would want to have in pride of place on your living room wall.  So we started debating just what we would consider to be appropriate …


"Similands", Stephen Walter, 2006

Now this idea would of course be reasonably straightforward to create virtually, but as it was pointed out to me – you can’t really hang a virtual installation on your wall (although I did try and argue that it could be projected!) and I would have to agree though that it is much more fun if you can touch and feel your art…

I was then reminded about Stephen Walter and his glorious Similands that was exhibited at 2006 Summer Exhibition and that is now displayed in the lobby of The Boundary.  Now Stephen would be the perfect artist to do an individual commission as a centrepiece for our wall installation – and that evening in Shoreditch is another glorious memory…

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3 Responses to There be Dragons!

  1. Adrian says:

    I’d very much like a copy of “The Island”; very, very much like…

  2. Adrian says:

    Nic spotted this and I think I know where she is coming from!

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