The Civilised World

Afternoon Tea (Claridges)

On Friday, we spent a lazy afternoon having afternoon tea – perhaps one of the most British of traditions and in our view one of the most satisfying. Nothing beats a lazy couple of hours being doted on by waiters in relaxing surroundings, gossiping and generally having a wonderful time.  Afternoon tea really is one of the most civilised pursuits imaginable!

Now we had a choice of venues ranging from the ultra-traditional like the The Ritz and Browns or newer, but still traditional Palm Court at The Langham and Claridges’s newly made over tea rooms, or the more contemporary style of “Fashionista Tea” with Pret-a-Portea at The Berkeley or the Chinese tea room at Yauatcha in SOHO.

As it happened we decided to try the madness that is Sketch… now if you want to see how not to use Flash for building a website then click on the previous link –completely and utterly bonkers (and unusable!) … I’ve been meaning to go since it opened but I’ve always been talked out of it for one reason or another; “pretentious”, “over the top”, “expensive” are the usual complaints from friends and acquaintances – but that was for the restaurants and bar; not the tea room.  Anyway, Masterchef the Professionals used the tea room for one of the semi-finals and it looked pretty cool so we decided that we should try it out…

Now the tea room itself is quite cramped for such a big space and they do like to pack the customers in with quite low chairs and tables and sharing tables is our case was a necessary evil … the service and food is fairly traditional (with the odd twist) and the whole ambience is contemporary with fully designed interiors and the obligatory lounge music a la Hotel Costes.

Now although we enjoyed ourselves we are both of the opinion that Afternoon Tea should be enjoyed in a more traditional environment – and of course with plenty of time to enjoy it properly!

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2 Responses to The Civilised World

  1. anonymous says:

    I’m just appreciating again how much research you put in to this post. So the Palm Court at Langhams proved to be almost perfect, a calm, relaxing oasis. The tea delicious and the service, discreetly attentive. Fabulous, and now I want to go every week, can but dream…

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