Object of Desire I

Well apart from the obvious I have to admit that there is something that I have lusted for ever since laying my eyes (and hands) on it for the first time: the new Mac keyboards…

They are, in my opinion, fantastic pieces of minimalist industrial design – and I hate to admit it but I would actually consider breaking my “no Apple products” ban (a subject of a future post) on myself to have one of them…

Mac wired keyboard

Still not sure if I prefer the full-size wired version or the mini wireless version – in terms of design the full-size is simpler but it has that damned wire and it does take up quite a lot of space – whereas the Bluetooth wireless has a more rounded back edge (to house the wireless gubbins no doubt) that spoils the “floating aluminium” look and it is also quite a tight little keyboard.

Mac wireless keyboard

Now I would that thought that my enthusiasm for these pretty things would be shared – but sadly no… too minimalist and masculine apparently. I am frankly still in shock that my desire isn’t shared – well for the keyboards at least…

Now until recently I assumed (how foolish!) that these keyboards didn’t work properly with a PC but I now know better and so I really have to properly consider my no Apple policy…

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