Nature’s Power Over Man

Over the past couple of weeks the trajectory of my life has to a certain extent been dictated by that lovely Icelandic volcanic ash cloud…  Due to “unforeseen consequences” of it stopping air travel, it has led me to properly evaluate the way I have lived my life for the past 10 – 12 years and for the first time ever be 100% open, honest and fully transparent with everyone who is truly important in my life [I still can’t quite believe that I now really do not have any secrets at all];  it has helped me better understand myself and my relationships and guided me to what (and who) is important in my life.

So although painful and frustrating what with all those plans and ideas that had to shelved, the consequences of the ash cloud have been predominantly positive, showing once and for all that nature always – one way or another – has the last laugh…

As an aside, but keeping with the spirit of this blog, it feels only right to add at least one cool find from the web regarding the ash cloud and here it is: airspace reloaded – a very cool animation showing the radar plots of all air-traffic over Europe during the original 4 days of chaos.

Screenshot from "Airspace Rebooted"

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2 Responses to Nature’s Power Over Man

  1. Adrian says:

    Just found this too; put in on full-screen and enjoy… stunning!

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