Apple and the Walled Garden

So why am I so adamant about my “no apple” policy?  It may seem to make little sense as I continuously hanker for their beautifully designed products with those lovely user interfaces…

My reasoning however is quite simple and is based on Apple’s walled garden (that’s the technical term for “protectionist”) business strategy.  What this means is that Apple want to control everything that operates on their hardware – not allowing anything that doesn’t meet their approval.  Now they say it has to do with protecting the user (from viruses and other security breaches etc.) but it has always been about protecting revenue streams and controlling the product development/release cycles to eek out maximum benefit from a locked in (and sometimes fanatical) user base.

This wasn’t quite so blindingly obvious until the iPod came along (with iTunes) and has become a real weakness with the AppStore for the iPhone/iPad and the policies for what you can and can’t do with an application.  

However the issues that really gets my goat is the childish stand-off with Adobe over the use of Flash on the iPhone/iPad – I mean for heaven sake, how on earth can Steve Jobs still trot out the same old bullshit that they are protecting users when through their own actions by not allowing Flash they are making a large proportion of websites off-limits to iPhone users!   And now Adobe are saying that they won’t bother with the iPhone if Apple continue down this well-trodden path and instead focus on the other truly open smartphone platforms.  Why can’t Apple just own up to the fact that they don’t want Flash to work on the iPhone because it would allow developers to bypass the AppStore?  I think you know the answer to that one…

iMac running Windows 7

Anyway, I think I have a solution where I can have my cake and eat it too!  I am seriously considering getting a new 27 inch iMac – but run Windows 7 on it.  Then I can have the beautifully designed machine – but stay clear of the mad gardener that is Steve Jobs.

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2 Responses to Apple and the Walled Garden

  1. Adrian says:

    Had a disagreement over lunch on friday with some friendsabout my objection to Apple and their policies… they reckon I should just accept and enjoy the design and interfaces. I will however continue to stick by my principles!

  2. adriantalbot says:

    News just in… the perfect solution has arrived!

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