Good taste

So I was browsing Metro the other day while navigating the tube during the latest strike and there was an article in the food section about chips – the nation’s favourite carb – and the various condiments that people like to have with them.

Now the article highlights some of the culinary “delights” available at various places throughout the US; including such vile concoctions such as goat’s cheese & raspberry sauce, hummous & sesame seeds and (shudder!) Nutella and peanut butter!!  Now I’m all for glorifying the basic chip – but I don’t think those “flavours” would ever pass my lips…

So what are the perfect additions and adornments?

For proper chips there is only one proper way of enjoying them: triple cooked, malt vinegar, sea salt and a twist of black pepper.  Ketchup optional.  HP sauce a no-no!

For fries things are a little different – definitely no vinegar but salt & pepper yes and then two separate dips to alternate between: Ketchup (of course!) and then mayonnaise maybe with a hint of garlic. If you are reading this at The Duke of Sussex in West London then you’ll know that they don’t know what a “hint of garlic” is – so be wary!

I would also have to fess up to being a bit partial to soggy chips with gravy – but only on special occasions you understand!

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