Christmas ahoy!

As Christmas is soon upon us, and I have some spare time these days (hohum) I’ve been taking my time and looking around for some appropriate cards to send my friends and family to remind them that I do in fact think of, and appreciate them!

Anyway, I’ve already written about Andrew Pavitt – and a few of his cards will definately be finding their way into the post, but I’ve also found a couple of other designers/producers whos cards I really fancy. 

Sanna AnnukkaSanna Annukka in particular has some aboslutely stunning cards that use gold and silver leaf to accentuate her graphic motifs.  I bought a couple when in Copenhagen and well they are so lovely I’m not sure if I can part with them… 

Another producer to watch out for is Lagom – I’ve seen their cards in various places (including at the V&A shop) and some of the designs are very beautiful indeed although I would recommend that you be a little selective.

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