"Shad Thames", Neil Williams

"Shad Thames", Neil Williams

Passing through Richmond yesterday, I came upon a little gallery on Richmond Hill displaying some stunning photographs of London landscapes taken by Neil Williams.

Its also nice seeing photographs of this quality of a lot of places that I know really well – the views, the roads, the buildings and in some cases even the individual trees.  I may even have thought “oh, this would make a great photo” but not had my camera, or a tripod … or indeed the skill to produce shots of this quality. But nice to know I too may have “an eye”!

Now clearly there is more than a bit of Lightroom/Photoshop post production going on with most of these images – but oh my nothing takes away from their quality and the depth of interest conjured up by the subject matter and picture composition.


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One Response to Cityscapes

  1. NJ says:

    I just had a proper look at his website, he does a Saturday stall up in East Dulwich. There are some really nice images, a few are too stylised for my taste but mostly I like them.

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