Pop-up design

Scarf, Cristian Zuzunaga

Scarf, Cristian Zuzunaga

So I was wandering about town (Brompton/Knightsbridge) as I tend to do from time to time the other day when I came across two different pop-up design shops.

These temporary outlets are becoming more and more common during these troubling financial times – and I think they are a marvellous use for otherwise empty retail space.

Stack, Miranda Watkins

Stack, Miranda Watkins

Now considering their location in the high-end mingle around Harrods and Brompton Cross, you would expect these stores to be peddling expensive designer wares – and in one case, The Temporium, you’d be right – but the good news is that it is actually proper quality and worth the money.  Some of the lovely things on show here are beautifully coloured silk scarves (and cushions) from Cristian Zuzunaga and fabulously coloured metal, stackable candlesticks from Miranda Watkins.   I also came across It’s Nice That for the first time – and I think it will be a source of inspiration for a long time to come!

Chopsaw, All Lovely Stuff

Chopsaw, All Lovely Stuff

The other shop – in a beautiful wood-panelled former jewlers – is run by All Lovely Stuff and although their range is limited, its not too pricey and have won awards and plaudits from across the world (they are already selling stuff at MoMa in New York – well done!). 

Apart from the main range of products there is also a display of works from the RCA Jewellery courses graduates (one of the company founders is an alumni) and some of the mechanical devices are quite interesting for sure! 

So pop along and be inspired if you happen to be in the neighbourhood (pop into the V&A while you are there too!).  Now if I had only setup my own online design shop as I keep saying that I will, I could do a pop-up outlet too…

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One Response to Pop-up design

  1. NJ says:

    I love The Temporium, such great stuff on their website – great find.

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