Internet Zeitgeist

I became a regular visitor to b3ta in the latter half of 2003 and have done a couple of viral projects with the site founders (helping generate millions of visits to some of the sites that I used to manage). 

Back then, and even now, I would say that the b3ta newsletter is one of the best gauges of what is happening on the internet right now (well during the preceding week at least).  I would recommend it to anyone wanting to know what is going on… it does require a word of warning though; as like anything this broad, community based and (more or less) un-moderated – it features a fair proportion of purile and “nsfw” related content in amongst the nuggets of greatness.  

Like the internet in general, b3ta is X% sex, Y% profanity and Z% brilliance… in this case however the % of brilliance is greater than in most communities of a similar nature – a hand raised in acknowledgement therefore to the 100,000 or so b3tards (some more talented and prolific than others) who provide the inspiration and content!

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