Ok, now for a bit of a rant! Just spent a week away from home and have stored up a backlog of ideas for posts (although two new ones in the last five minutes; one inspired by something I just saw and another by something I just read).  Now you may wonder why going away equates to a backlog of posts – why not just “post on the go” I hear you cry! I mean we do live in the 21st century after all and although we still don’t have hover boots or indeed that pesky teleportation system that I crave – but we do have (more or less) world-wide broadband mobile coverage (discounting anywhere where family you have to visit at Christmas live of course!). 

So why don’t I post on my travels?? Well its quite simple really… the mobile networks have of course cottoned on to the fact that we are getting addicted to our smartphones and wireless dongles and have gotten us used to our “unlimited” bandwidth contracts at home or when we are out and about in our home territory.  But once we cross a border into another country – then they have us; like junkies who need their fix and so they CLOBBER us with data roaming charges that make your eyes water.  So after a couple of rather hefty bills – only somewhat tempered by Vodafone’s passport system – I’ve decided to limit my connectivity while abroad to only very short bursts to check email and possibly to send the odd MMS.  Yes, it means that render my shiny little smartphone practically useless (poor thing) for almost the entire journey, but it does mean that I can still afford to breathe when I get home again!

Anyway, this situation is unlikely to change very soon – it took the EU more 10 years to legislate against this practice for normal calls; but change it will and for all of us who like to use the technology that the networks provide it can’t come too soon!

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  1. AT says:

    It was only a matter of time – but until then customers will continue to be fleeced by the operators:

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