Dull is good

Unlike Buggin’ Out in the brilliant Spike Lee drama Do The Right Thing – I don’t like my new “sneakers” or boots to be all clean and pristine.  So I’d be more than happy if they were accidentally scuffed and scratched up a little!  My current dulling down project is a pair of Timberland Euro Sprints purchased just before Christmas to keep my little footsies warm and dry through the winter months.

This is the “as new” picture…

I am sure that you agree that although very cool (well of course they are!), they are also quite bright and in yo’ face! (as Buggin’ Out would say) and so could do with a few knocks and scrapes and maybe a bit of serious mud to give them some proper character?   

So, two weeks of constant use later and 100+ miles (estimated) of trudging through the wintry (snow, slush and mud) landscapes of Richmond, London, Stockholm and North Yorkshire I can certainly give my boots the thumbs up for toasty dryness!  However, what about their shiny brightness?

Hmmm… still not nearly dull enough for my liking and I’m not really into unnatural aging, so it’s back on the trails over the coming days and weeks to get them looking less boxfresh and more naturally patinated. 

I’ll keep you posted  – and leave you with the words of Mars Blackman himself ringing in your ears: It’s got to be the shoes!

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