Sebastian Schildt

During my past couple of visits to Stockholm I have been a little disenchanted with my usual passtime of design as there hasn’t been anything really new and exciting to inspire – certainly nothing that I have found anyway.  But maybe things are changing, as on my most recent trip I came across a new shop and gallery on Nybrogatan owned and managed by the gold and silversmith Sebastian Schildt

"Lioness" bronze, Sebastian Schildt, 2010

Now I have to say that I didn’t connect with all of his work (my personal favourite was a bronze lioness that I would use a doorstop) – and it certainly wasn’t cheap – but as I told him when I was there I was just so very happy that someone had taken the plunge and moved from the arty, exhibition world into the more commercial retail space and was making more accessible and functional pieces that more people could enjoy (and own!). 

Now I mentioned that his wares aren’t cheap – and you can almost guess that from the fact that he doesn’t put any prices on the website (the lioness is about £400), but it is certainly not expensive for what it is: fantastic craftsmanship, great designs and beautiful materials.

So if you get the chance to visit – please do – and if you have a spare chunk of cash lying around, purchasing one or two of Sebastian’s works would be a great investment – plus he is a nice guy and definitely worth having a chat with!

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