A Highland Adventure!

While I do love the colourful splendour of London’s parakeets, and they are a great source of photography pleasure as they have such changeable expressions and personalities (yes they do!), they aren’t originally a native species to the UK. 

I do love searching for wildlife wherever I go and almost “twitcher”-like, I do consider it a personal achievement when I spot (and preferably photograph) a new species in its natural surroundings – and the rarer the better!

In the UK my list of “must see” animals has pretty much always been the same with a couple of standout candidates: otters and pine martens

Recently however I have added another wonderful creature to my list: the Scottish Wildcat or as the clever marketing people would have you call it:

The Highland Tiger

How amazing do they look? And they live wild in the UK – amazing!!! Now having grown up in Scotland I knew about wildcats but for whatever reason I thought that they were extinct in the wild but when I read this story last year I got very excited indeed and started mulling over an idea for a nice little adventure…

I have a couple of good photos of both river and sea otters and a couple of very errr “atmospheric” shots of pine martens – but all of these were taken in Canada and not in the UK where both can be found.  So I was thinking that maybe this spring I should take myself up to the Scotland for a wildlife expedition to find and photograph these lovely furry creatures.  Oh, and I’ll need to get myself one of these before I go to!

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