Make your mark

So, how to make your mark on the planet without doing permanent damage?  Well you could follow the lead of artists such as Jim Denevan who’s stunning sand, earth and ice drawings are equally epic in their scale as well as in their geometric precision and of course in existence for only a fleeting moment as they are washed away by the tide or erased by the ever changing seasons.

Sand, Jim Denevan

You could also pursue another route – equally as grand in concept and scale – and follow the trail blazed by Christo & Jeanne-Claude who’s favourite pastime seems to be wrapping landmarks in swathes of colourful fabric…  and we all know that anything that is wrapped can be unwrapped too!

Slightly less ostentatious, but perhaps far more intriguing for it, is the driftwood structure Nimis.  Created in 1980 in secret by the Swedish artist Lars Vilks on the beach of a small cove on the coast of South West Sweden – the driftwood castle went unnoticed for two years due to its remote location.  Once discovered however it became the subject of a bitter court battle with local council who deemed it an illegal dwelling without planning permission, demanding that it be torn down.  Unperturbed by the council’s interference, Vilks proclaimed the area on which Nimis and his other structure Arx stood as the independent micronation Ladonia.

Sadly, Vilks has now become better known for other reasons but you have to admire his chutzpa!

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