Practice what you preach

Ok, so I’ve been a very naughty boy!  Yes, I’ve been skiving from my duties and not knuckling down and doing some tedious but important chores… Now, since I was 18 I have lived by certain rules; some of those – like “engage and see” – I was perhaps unaware of until recently, but others like “don’t let a good project die” were conscious decisions that I remember quite clearly making and more importantly have stood me in good stead ever since.

By not letting a good project die I mean that if an interesting and perhaps unexpected project should come to your attention – either in a personal or business context – then it would be foolish not to pursue it as far as it will go. 

Now this doesn’t mean that one should throw caution to the wind and chase the opportunity at whatever cost; no, a proper amount of scenario planning and risk assessment is required as you should any such project – but it does mean for example that a bit of time and effort should be expended to ascertain it’s true quality and feasibility.  

I would also add that if there is enough potential but that you yourself don’t have the ability or wherewithal  to follow through – then sharing with someone who might is just as important (while retaining a healthy interest of course).

The list of projects that I have been involved in that have “come out of nowhere” and that have required a little bit of extra effort and innovation to see through is extensive; and the things that have needed to done to keep things moving forward has also been a rather exhaustive and sometimes expensive.  The one thing that is a common thread is the sheer amount of fun, experience, respect and of course financial reward (although not always) that I have gained by following this path.

Now what duties have I therefore been neglecting recently? Well, I have an idea – and I believe it to be both an interesting project and potentially a promising business proposition.  I have done enough research and risk assessment to know that it can be done with a very modest financial outlay with a potential for a good return (although it isn’t a “get rich” idea) and all it needs is a little time and effort from someone who understands online ecommerce and search optimisation which sounds a lot like me!  So why have I been skiving when I have very little else on the go at the moment?  Well its simple really – the next stage of the implementation involves lots of tedious IA, database management and optimised copy writing which is quite, quite dull… but it is something that I know to be absolutely vital if this idea is going to work at all and of course it is something that I have preached to clients and partners for many years and an activity that always is the lowest priority on their to do list even though it should be at the top of the daily list of chores!

So after a weekend of feeling low and not a little guilty about shirking from this “hard work” I am writing this as a call to action to myself to get “my thumb out” (as the Swede’s would say) and get cracking – starting with the information architecture which shouldn’t take longer that till lunchtime to get sorted if I put my mind to it…

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