Blue Monday

Mondays would be very dull without a random selection of inspirational web finds… so here is a collection of links that have kept me from doing anything productive today – well for most of the day of course.  I did get up after all…


A graduate of the RCA in 2003, Su Blackwell make stunning paper sculptures and installations. Not too dissimilar to another favourite of mine Peter Callesen (although she doesn’t name check him as an influence).   Often taking her inspiration from fairy-tales and folk-lore, Su clearly has the knack of capturing the dreamy irreverence of the strong (often female) characters and storylines.  

I might have missed her recent exhibition Happily ever after, but I will be keeping an eye out for next expose that is for sure! 

What a pane!

Mancunian David Spriggs, now living and working in Montreal Canada and his contemporary – Chinese artist Xia Xiao Wan – have created a style of three-dimensional painting and sculpture that is simple and brilliant. Painting a number of two-dimensional images on multiple sheets of glass or perspex they transform these flat images into what Xia calls “spatial paintings”.  My preference would be for Sprigg’s futuristic work  – but you can’t deny that Xia’s distorted figures also have a beautiful quality to them.

Global Warming meets the Ice Hotel

I do love the Ice Hotel and it’s absolut loveliness – and no, I don’t believe that its “sooooo 1990 dahling!” in fact I would still rate it as somewhere that I need to visit.  However, some other hoteliers not too far away in another part of northern Sweden have decided that the time is right for something a bit more 21st Century… so how about The Tree Hotel anyone?

Not content with just doing your common old garden tree house with all the mod-cons, no these guys have gone the whole hog and gone absolutely mental with rooms called The Bird’s NestThe Blue Cone (someone must clearly be colour blind), The Cabin, The UFO, The Room with a View and my personal favourite The Mirrorcube (with infrared film on the mirrors so the birds can see it)!  Designed by different architects, these rooms really have taken the concept of not being able to “see the wood for the trees” to a whole new level: stunning, mad and a new must visit venue.

Mad Men

Over the years I have developed a genuine dislike for ad agencies based on many years of being involved with their anoying habits and general “we know best” hubris! 

But sometimes, just sometimes they surprise me with a little bit of self-deprecating sarcastic humour…  Well I surely hope this is meant to be ironic!

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