Deadline Day

Today is deadline day for football transfers around the world (well until the summer at least) – but I won’t be troubling you with that this evening.  No, today is another round-up of interesting links that have peeked my interest and poked my inspiration…

Blueberry bliss!

So, I spotted this drink when last in Stockholm but didn’t try any which was rather unusual for me as I am always up for trying new foods and drinks if the opportunity presents itself.  However, it can now be purchased here in London at various places around the capital such as at Scandinavian Kitchen but no doubt the boys at Blue Concept are looking for new outlets all the time…  100% pure blueberry juice with no additives – perfect superfood antioxidant cocktail ingredient if you ask me!  

So I mixed a little of the dark purple brew with a smidge of Parfait Amour for a little floral note, iced and shaken with a healthy slug of juniper rich Bombay and Bob’s your proverbial…  

The perfect Blueberry Violet Martini was born!

Bonkers with a biro

A b3ta newsletter find this (although it has also been covered in Metro I see) and what can I say?  Highly talented artist goes mad with a biro and errr does his photo realistic turn of a somewhat “blue” subject matter. .. not exactly pornography this, but definitely a bit voyeuristic!   Read more about the Spanish artist here.

Space planes

Saw this a while back… loved it then but then completely forgot about it.  Now they have managed to launch the blighters and done a rather neat little video of the whole thing!  Love the idea and just wish that I had thought of it and that one of the pesky little planes will land on my terrace…

Photo collage

"Love XI", John Stezaker, 2006

I’ve never been to the Whitechapel Gallery but I think I might have to Go East! to visit shortly… Just read an article on the John Stezaker exhibition and well it sounds pretty darn cool!  I’ve never heard of Stezaker before but reading an interview with him about his work it sounds like something that I think I’d like.  

I certainly love the use of old film stills to create his collages and of course that there are rarely more than two or three separate images in each one. Just very clever image selection – which is something that I can really relate to!

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