A few of my favourite things

A is for Aston as in Martin rather than MerrygoldOne-77 or vintage V8 Le Mans that is the only question… that and a lottery win!

B must be bows. Obvious silly! Lace, silk, twine or ribbon; as long as they are real and can be un-bowed and then re-bowed then I am very content indeed.

My choice for C must be Cool Hunting – the superior idle browse.

Dreams are what D’s are made for.

I must decline E but I will go forth and explore! Life is short, the world is an astonishing place – so engage and see and you will discover and experience great things!

Oh well I admit it but my pet project “F” is still work-in-progress.  Soon though, very soon it will be ready to be born unto this unforgiving world!

G means graphics; computer generated pixelated perfection or mono-coloured mayhem from the very best – whatever the flavour it has me hooked!

Sweet urban honey, if you haven’t got a hive yourself then Regent’s Park Honey is the bee’s knees! Sample it at St.Pauls and gorge yourself happy.  So hip for H it hurts!

I is for the interconnected Internet and World Wide Web. My medium of choice when I need to satiate the demands of my inquisitive mind …

Jersey is the jewel that begins with J. What a delightful island paradise! 

Kitties steal the K’s as only they can… Soft, silky, independent and utterly, utterly delightful – pedigree blues or tantalising tabbies I’ll have either oh yes I will!

L is for luxurious lingerie – not for me you understand (well not for me to wear anyway!) but good for a little sensory stimulation n’est pas?

Dial M for Murder, although I’d rather you didn’t but if you need directions M points the way to Magnificent Maps.

Well she is very precious for sure, but a thing she is not… so N is for negroni, my cocktail of choice.  

O must be saved for (informed) opinion, the life-blood of a good conversation.  Without it we would have nothing to discuss, debate, deliberate or dispute!

P-P-P-P-Pick up a penguin!  I couldn’t resist that but you know what? Patek has the P’s all sewed up!

Did you know that the single celled Difflugia coronate build their own shelters? Fact! And when they separate which they always do, the older one gets to keep the house but in a civilised “pre-nup” the other gets all the building materials necessary to build a new one – amazing no? Quite!

R can only really be Richmond Park so let it be so!

S is for sparkling wine not Champagne – as the best bubbles are most definitely pink, dry and British! Oh yes indeed, Chapel Down’s finest need not hide behind a bushel.

T on the Thames, now there is a combination worthy of a lazy summer’s afternoon!

My current situation? (Temporarily) unemployed. Not what U or I were expecting….

V is a life-time achievement award to Vitra for giving us designer pleasure since 1950.

Double U? Oh, I see… W! Well what would Willy Wonka wish? Well obviously that this golden ticket goes to the bread knife

X… hmmm… could it be this xlnt blog without being too self-congratulatory?

Hans Wegner’s iconic CH24 “Y” chair shall represent all that is great about Scandinavian design.

Zweed or Zoo? Can’t decide so the new kid on the block cops the ZZZ’s this time.

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