Friday shorts

Ok, so have been a bit neglectful of posts over the past couple of days due to focusing on my future, but that is sorted for a bit so I can get back to sharing some of the fun and interesting findings from my meanderings through the interweb…

Mobile madness >>  First up is this little ad viral for someone else’s mobile operator of choice… lovely idea well executed me thinks!? So give it a whirl and find out what your real street age is!

Visual splendour >>  Oh my, oh my! What have we hear? I think someone has been at the Flash again… but hey, this is actually really neat and not to mention pretty as a picture in an architectural/media/design sort of aesthetic.  It sure rocks my world!

Happy smiley people (and droids) >>  So I was at the RI yesterday doing a bit of preparation for a pitch (fingers crossed!) and saw this presentation on emotional robots.  I think perhaps the material was better than the delivery and certainly not a slick as this similar TED talk (although that might be about to change).  I enjoyed this video in particular – for so many reasons.

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