Ok, so I admit that I am a sucker for a good ad… however over the last couple of months there haven’t been too many to cheer about – well apart from the spoof Pink Ponies that is.  But here are a couple that have made me sit-up with interest, nod with appreciation or giggle like a school-girl.

Mending broken hearts

I saw this ad for the British Heart Foundation for the first time other week and was taken by the excellent production, lovely scripting and calm tempo of the short 45 second spot. 

But the thing that really got me was the the special abilities of the little zebrafish.

Definitely worth checking this out in more detail as it is truly fascinating!  As a side note – this is a two part ad that is generally split between first (the excellent 1st to 45th seconds of the clip) and last slot (from 45th second onwards) of a normal 4 minute ad break.  Sadly the second half is so corny that it almost detracts from the brilliance of the first segment! Tsk!  

Changing perspective

Saab Automobile have gone through a lot of ups and downs recently (mostly downs I think they’ll agree) and are now owned by the miniscule Dutch sports car manufacturer Spyker with apparently more corporate debt than a small country.   One area where they have however excelled recently is in inspirational TV and cinema ads.

So very true to Saab’s architectural/design/media brand values – and lovely pieces of commercial film.  So chin up! If your next cars are as good as the ads then things are looking rosier!

Thunder Jaw Swampertz

Oh yes,  this one makes me smile every time! Don’t ask me why – but I find it so very, very amusing! I imagine the agency convinced Early Learning Centre that targeting new dads was the way to go, as I suspect that this is more appealing to the male of the species?  I may of course be wrong and it find that it is perfectly pitched for everyone…

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2 Responses to Adtastic!

  1. nj says:

    I used to have some zebra fish, never knew they could regenerate though. I always thought they were a bit boring!

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