Customer is King?

So we’ve had a particularly cold winter here in London this year – right back to late November it has been pretty chilly on one’s extremities.  Now that means gloves for your hands rendering them pretty useless for swiping, pinching and pointing on your smartphone or tablet of choice… or does it? 

Back in 2009 I found these online and was going to purchase a couple of pairs for myself and for Christmas presents but they had completely sold out.  So when the cold weather hit I had another look and yay! They not only had some new colours but also two sizes and lots of stock – so click click click and ordered them I had… or so I thought! 

Little did I know that dotsgloves seems to be exception to the rule that the customer is king – they are without doubt the worst online company that I (and others with me) have ever dealt with! When half of my order finally appeared more than two months after the original order was placed after numerous chasing emails from me and not a single proactive communication from the company themselves, I learned that my other pairs where backordered to March – which pretty much means that they will be useless for this season as spring will have come to Southern England by then…

The most annoying thing is that the gloves are surprisingly rather good… but would I recommend them to a friend? Not a chance!

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