A wet wednesday

Not Nike’s Portland >>  I really love this journal/shop site from Wood&Faulk. I aspire to its aesthetic and the philosophy of the proprietors.  Ok, so the product range for sale is very limited, but even in such a small range there are quite a few that I would happily buy – and especially the carpenter bag is rather natty number!

Oh and that chair, well it is very reminiscent of perhaps my favourite piece of furniture: Arne Norrell’s Sirocco safari chair. Now I would concede that the Wood&Faulk chair is perhaps even more stylish than Norrell’s masterpiece – but it doesn’t collapse for easy transportation and I love things that combine form with multiple functions.

Biscuits and tea anyone? >>  It’s impossible to resist this brilliant idea and the delightful creativity of the fabulous Biscuiteers.  Forget about flowers and chocolates – the latest thing to send your loved one is made with sugar and butter; baked, glazed and packed in tins!  I have it on good authority that not only are they a fabulous addition to the Pret-a-Portea at the Berkley but that they taste as good as they look!  Now if only someone would be so kind to send me some of these

The eyes have it! >>  Graphic artist Peter Mendelsund has explored his imagination and come up with a new incarnation for the covers of Franz Kafka’s work for a potential reprint.  I think these designs are truly eye-catching and would work as a series of artworks let alone as dust jackets.  Apparently this is a just a pet-project and not something that has (yet) been set in motion – so Mr Publisher get your act in gear and hit that Go! Button.  That font? Based on Kafka’s own handwriting don’t you know!

Stunning >>  Ah you all know I’d be pushover for this… but you can’t deny that everything that Matt Shlian produces is quite stunning!  Irrespective if it’s the simplicity of his recent Process series (available for purchase here at Ghostly) or the more complex works like Pleat Spiral his art proves that he is a master of his medium.  And if you want to own a great selection of his work, then you could be the proud owner of a signed, limited edition copy of Murq.

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