Tuesday’s child

Deco >>  Over the weekend my attention was drawn to some old clippings about a new edition of the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald by Penguin Classics.  It was the art-deco spines of these fabulous dust jackets – that caught the eye as they really are quite striking.  A bit of research led me to their designer Coralie Bickford-Smith who is a senior cover designer for Penguin.   She has also created some tremendous posters containing some sage advice.

Wet!Wet!Wet! >>  While painting my magnetic wall I was getting very frustrated at how long it took for each coat of paint to dry properly – with this simple project taking two days to complete.  Goodness knows how long these works of art take to dry – but it sure looks like a lot of fun and those colourful patterns would make Paul Smith proud…

Super Slow-Mo >>  Always a neat trick to make even the most mundane moment look truly amazing – although it is usually overdone at sporting occasions… HD fast frame grab hasn’t really been possible outside of the biggest broadcasters – until now.  The Phantom Flex is a truly awesome piece of kit and although not cheap at $100,000+ you will probably be seeing a lot more of this on an HD screen near you soon!

Set your media free >>  Still only in beta and only available on Android (probably because it breaches one or more of Apple’s stupid rules) Skifta which is a clever use of the Swedish word to “shift”, allows you to play all of your media (format permitting) from and on any DLNA compliant device (at home or even remotely) using your phone as a controller, or a player or even a server! Truly marvellous – oh, and it allows access to quite a few funky internet TV channels too.  I have been playing with it at home for a couple of weeks now and although still a bit slow switching between streams it’s definitely an app that I’ll be keeping my eye on!

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