I hope not

Surely not? >>  Spotted this story in the paper and here it is again reported in another salubrious publication.  It’s hard to think just why these stories where published without any sensible comment as to why this chauvinistic “invention” should warrant a mention let alone a prize of any sort???  I mean this is the 21st Century for heaven’s sake!  Oh and if you ever wanted a reason never to buy/read the Mail – a quick scan of the comments will give you ample ammunition.

Anoraks >>  One does wonder how some people find the time to get excited enough to put so much effort into things like this and this.  Obviously their bank balances may prove me wrong (assuming someone actually buys these?) but to me it is just proof that there are crazier people than twitchers and plane spotters.  Now if you want to be clever and get rich with no effort at all then there is a bottomless pit of quirky stocking fillers to be mined from this particularly seam.

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