Saturday pictures

Old school >>  So in advance of the iPad 2 launch next week the Noteslate is stealing all my attention. This fabulous piece of hi-tech but lowbrow brilliance really must get the thumbs-up (well currently 44594 of those all important likes on Facebook and not one of them mine as I am still a Facebook outcast).   I’ve put my pre-order in already and I suggest you do too!  Now question is… which one to get?   And if you jumped the gun and have a soon to be antiquated iPad original then maybe with one of these you might consider being a bit more adventurous when using it?

Americana >>  Trust the yanks to play one-upmanship!  And if they can’t out style those classy swedes then there is no question that it would have to be with size and bling (as it always is!) that they will try and dominate the world – it’s the only thing they know!  But having said that… I think these are rather attractive in their own right.  But I am not sure why they are playing the learning card really – I thought that went out of fashion around then the time I was trying to convince my mum that I would use my C64 for homework and she could use it for recipes etc…  Of course Playsam got it right (despite their name); these are most definitely executive toys!

Subtle pleasure >>  Wow! Are you a slave to excellent design and the latest fashion and confident putting your sexuality on display?  Ok, these are not Lady Gaga; too subtle and I maybe even tempted to say understated for that they might be – but there is no denying their multi-purpose function and glamorous styling.  I predict these being seen on some A-list celebrity sooner rather than later…

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