Close but not cigar…

A smooth ride >>  Ah! monochrome is always a good look – and those rolling hills and sweeping valleys look amazing don’t you think?  Probably the smoothest ride imaginable… Allan Teger’s Bodyscapes certainly leave everything (and nothing) to your imagination!

OMG! >>  No, no, no, no, no! This can’t be right? This is surely a fashion that won’t last beyond, well beyond someone actually considering that this might in some way be… er practical?  They sure as hell aren’t stylish or sexy and I can’t see them having much fetish potential either?  However if you are going down this road, then at least go the whole hog and do it with tongue firmly in cheek???

Solace >>  So I was out and about and up and down and around and around all day today looking for (and failing) to find one of these.  I would have liked so much to have found one so as to be able to deliver perfection to perfection herself, as it was I found something different, but as we all know: different is not a hen.  However my aching legs and sore feet are not completely without my desired satisfaction as I found a new range of lovely graphic postcards at Liberty called We Love London.

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