Four for Friday

The Famous Five >> I’m not sure what Enid would think of this lot, but if I put aside the fact that Google scares me a little then I have to say I admire the simplicity of that original Love Paris ad.  Simple but oh so effective – I also ask yourself just how much Apple based the style of the original iPad ads on this?  Not that it matters of course… It will be very interesting how the Creative Lab develops.

Health & Safety? >> You would have thought that after the mining disaster Chile would be a bit more clued up on health & safety issues… but oh no, this guy laughs in the face of danger for a bit of an adrenalin rush.  I dare you to watch and not wince or go “ooooo” in a number of places.  Now watch all the way to the end and check out the maddest bit – the American journo’s reaction says it all!

Caught in the act >> All manner of things, animals and activities caught as they happen by some very fortunate Google Streetview cameras.  You have got to wonder however how some of those cameras got to be in some of those particular locations.  Skislope anyone?  Maybe it was this guy doing his thing… But some fabulous pics none the less!  A great URL too.

Immersive >> Now don’t get too cocky with all those fancy gadgets on your lovely new digital camera.  You never know what might happen!

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