Treats for a sunny afternoon

Concrete Ocean >>  Now showing at the Andipa Gallery in Knightsbridge, fabulous street artist Slinkachu continues his Little People project from 2006 and the publication of Little People in the City (I am a lucky owner!) with this new exhibition where he has uprooted his installations and transported them to a gallery environment. The ingress from the exhibition blurb says it all really:  “Left floating in flimsy boats on puddles the size of lakes, or clinging onto seemingly giant paving stones, in danger of being trodden underfoot by the casual passer-by, the figures in Concrete Ocean address the artist’s trademark theme of loneliness and disillusionment engendered by the city environment. The dry wit of his observation and the deceptive sweetness of his scaled down figures make Slinkachu’s works absorbing, strong and engaging.”  Go see!

Secret Stash >>  Neat little project this from London based design student Yi-Teng Cheng which focuses on redesigning everyday objects so that they can conceal other objects in places where you wouldn’t otherwise think of looking.  Two things to note: great little video and I really do like the stack of papers and desk (especially the magnetic handle – very clever!).

Ouch! >>  There are at least two reasons why I wouldn’t be putting my arm anywhere near this piece of art.  The first is obvious; I wouldn’t want a professional tattooist to ink any part of me, so I definitely wouldn’t let an automaton loose on the sensitive skin on my forearm.  The second is that this machine randomly chooses a religious symbol to emblazon on your arm! Now that is definitely not on!  Luckily you can see it in action branding the artist Chris Eckert instead of having to suffer the pain and indignation yourself.

Americana >>  Aaron James Draplin can certainly write an entertaining bio as well as design some pretty nifty “brand identities” (that’s a logo to you or me) and posters. One of their own products is the cool notebook series Fieldnotes – and as the tagline goes “I’m not writing it down to remember it later, I’m writing it down to remember now.”  Very good!

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