Video Schmideo!

Eskmo >>  Cyriak aka Mutated Monty has become a bit of an internet and b3ta favourite over the last year or so, and I think this video for San Franciscan Brendan Angelides is the pinnacle of his work to date.  I love the music and tempo and think that he has timed the transitions between the repeating loops to perfection.   I also think that this Ramsay rant is spot on!

Pixels >>   It’s not often I praise the French, but you have got to hand it to Patrick Jean of One More Productions; this is pure brilliance and one of my favourite animations of recent memory!  It takes me back to when I used to be involved the good old C64 scene… ah, those were the days!

Achtung! >>  German electro outfit Brandt Brauer Frick have done everyone a great service by having this lovely piece of sharply drawn animation commissioned for the single release of Caffeine from their latest album You Make Me Real.  If you are curious, check out more work from Patricia Luna and Danea Diaz.  Now, speaking of electro, I should probably draw your attention to System for one reason or another…

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