Get them while they are hot!

You have just got to love the internet (and the ever improving Gadget Show).  These two services were highlighted on today’s show and well, all I can say is this:  Get them while they’re hot! >>  This sooo neat, clever and brilliantly executed that I just LOVE it!  So much so that I intend to find a way to link to it from WordPress (as you’ll know, embedding code is not supported on the hosted version so I’ll have to get someone to create a widget for it as this is so cool!)  Along with wish list services like boxedup these are two services just ripe for a buyout…   Ps. If you like something like but with a bit less flair and a few more integrated features then is a good place to start. >>  How long will it be before this is banned from every school in the English speaking world?  I don’t care, because this ranks up there with the coolest use of content aggregation ever – but don’t take my word for it, check it out NOW!  Oh, and it is such a beautifully designed site to boot!  But you know what the best thing is? It’s the fact that qwiki is only going to get better… Fabulous!

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