The soundtrack of my life

“Space Oddity”, David Bowie  >>  1982 First introduction to proper music from a fan.  He was very cool and flew gliders when he wasn’t being an engineer.  Thomas Crown was right – gliders are cool.

“True”, Spandau Ballet  >> 1983 Top of the charts and on the C90 mixed tape in my “boom box” I had in the car when I caught the ferry to leave the country.  That tape got chewed up somewhere north of Norrkoping… poor thing!

“Just Can’t Get Enough”, Depeche Mode  >>  1984 First crush, first cuddle, first kiss… the swiss-cheese anxiety plant saw it all against a backing track of Moogs, Roland’s and Yamaha’s from Basildon’s finest.

“Broken Druid II”, Fairlight  >>  1987 Teenage kicks!

“Twentynine Palms”, Tangerine Dream  >>  1989 Soothing keyboards for late night coding…

“Being Boring”, Pet Shop Boys  >>  1990 Coming of age and first proper relationship – and of course from the era when MTV was “must see”.

“So Young”, Suede  >>  1993 Stockholm, dragged to gig kicking and screaming but emerged from the Circus a convert.  Thanks B-M!

“High and Dry”, Radiohead >>  1995 Gino… awesome!

“It’s oh so quiet”, Bjork  >>  1995 London for business and THAT luciafest in West Kensington… sheer and utter madness!

“Safe from Harm, 12 inch version”, Massive Attack  >>  1998 Brilliant song for driving fast to. Sometimes too fast leading to near death experience… but nothing is better than a late night drive on empty, winding country roads to clear one’s mind from trials and tribulations of life.

“Angel”, Massive Attack  >>  1998 A confident tune for a confident, ambitious and totally arrogant man-about-town.  Looking back, I’m not proud…

“Tender”, Blur  >>  1999 First visit to New York and the Mile-High Club.  It just had to be done!

“Por do Sol”, Cellar 55  >>  2007 From Wandsworth Park to Bermuda… Ho hum.

“Cittagazze”, Portico Quartet  >>  2009 Standout track from first, and only, USB “mix tape” ever received.  Sometimes things just aren’t what you think they are…

“Peace Piece”, Bill Evans  >>  2011 A very recent introduction this, but piano perfection for calming those tender emotions…

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