My Amazon adventure

So one random web link led to another and off I roamed on an Amazon adventure that explored the depths of the minds of random customers through the “Customers who bought this also bought…” section.  

So from the general delirium of the “master race” and their need for commemorative stirring utensils, it is a simple clickety click to the mathematical forms made from wool (and the winner is!), a twitch of the index finger will then solve the puzzle to that question you are always mulling over in your mind but never dared ask anyone.  Once you have concluded that internal debate, it’s time for a quick lesson in the eco-friendly art of avoiding the crapper before you head back to the American heartland for some mindless retail therapy

But that is merely five degrees of separation.  Surely the cliché is a neat and round six?  If that is your want then maybe you can just hear that faint little whisper… I see dead people

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