Touchy feely

I miss my old Blackberry… the swish new Desire HD is all very well (and in all honesty I probably prefer the original Desire to it’s big screened younger brother but for that god awful optical mouse) but nothing beats the tactile feel of a proper little keyboard – no need for haptic feedback on that little gem…

However it would seem that new input devices are becoming something of the newest must-haves.  From the pinch and swipe multi-touch smartphones and tablets to the Wii,  XBox Kinect and Playstation Move gesture recognition, it seems that the much copied interfaces from Minority Report are no longer Mission: Impossible.

Some of the latest products in this area of text input and gesture recognition are the cutesy evoMouse and super snazzy Magic Cube (which I might just buy because it looks so nice…) both from Celluon, a Korean company specialising in mobile input devices.

But more advances are on their way… check out this research project for Skinput (great name) from clever clogs Chris Harrison.

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