Five alive

The Sky at Night >>   I have no idea why someone would bother doing this… but you’ve got to hand it to them; it’s perfect, beautiful, absorbing and of course completely irrationally pleasing and enjoyable!  I’d like to think that Sir Patrick Moore has this as his browser start page.

CYMK/RGB >>  I cooked dinner on Sunday; a fun culinary challenge it was too!  Blue and C to start, Red and Smoked M for mains… A veritable feast and 10 out of 10 for creativity and culinary effort so far (that’s my guest’s verdict not mine!).  It goes downhill from there I am afraid…  Oh yes, hoisted by my own petard – not Yellow and K as in Krokus (durr! That Swedish legacy shining through again!) but Black and K as in Kirsch!  What a mistake… the dark chocolate mousse was more than a bit too rich and heavy and the white chocolate and saffron cream untouched – until yesterday.  A real shame that as it was divine! Creamy, luscious and mouth wateringly delicious…

Feel the heat >>  Not sure if these are actual products or merely design concepts.  Either way the fertile mind of Shi Yuan has delivered a couple of gems that surely will be snapped up and commercialised soon if they haven’t already. Awesome!

Stimulating design! >>  As the promo videos for these little beauties suggest… SFW design with NSFW potential.  Fabulous!  Now to find someone to play with…

Metal origami >>  Am feeling a little guilty that I haven’t been more focused on my flatpack project. Arse, no excuse… I’ll get those 100 odd new products sorted out before the end of the week.  Until then, have a look at this neat little metal mickey!

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