Three is a crowd…

Digital Victorian >>  I have walked across Tower Bridge on numerous occasions and have marvelled at its beautiful Victorian splendour.  There I have consoled a teary sweetheart after dinner at Pont de la Tour and stumbled across it, drunk as a skunk, in the wee hours of the morning.  Just this weekend I pushed through throngs of tourists who en masse stopped and stared, cameras raised to their unseeing eyes – but I have never seen it in quite this way before.  360 Panorama HDR is the technique and apparently you either love it or you hate it… personally I think it has its place in any keen photographers armoury but it’s certainly not always appropriate.

Jealousy will get you nowhere >>   If ever an example of why I wish I was an architect or that I had but a shred of the vision and creative talent that the best purveyors of this fine art and craft possess, then this is it.  What a transformation!  I just love the fact that although the entire space has been converted into an uber-cool living space it still retains the integrity and dignity of its original purpose (although I doubt if any of that machinery works).  Now, if I was Ricardo Bofill (lucky man) I think that I’d definitely want to Work from Home more often!  So that brings the number of jealousy inducing architects in recent times to (at least) two…

So 2009! >>  Transit signs… I love them and with their simple graphic typography, they are great design and a perfect case of upcycling, but a trend for 2011? Maybe in the States, but here in Blighty London Bus and Tube blinds have been big business for a couple of years now.  I remember my neighbour starting his fledgling business in 2009 and me almost buying a “To The Boat Race” specialist destination sign.  I would have bought it too had the allure of my favourite destination in the entire world not been greater than my love for my local attraction. Sadly the best available then, and still now, is this rather funny variant…  The latest product in the ever growing application for such destination signage are these rather fetching mugs

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