Tilt shift

I’ve written previously about the HDR digital processing technique and today I’ve been inspired to share my views about another up-and-coming technique: Tilt Shift.  Previously an “in camera” effect for clever photographers, tilt shift is now something that can be done in post-production using various tools such as Alien Skin’s Bokeh for Photoshop or indeed a much simpler online tool called tiltshiftmaker.   I am completely torn by the whole effect: on the one hand I can’t quite see why you would want to make photographs look like they are made from miniature models.  On the other hand there is a certain something in the quality of the images when they are done well.

And stills are all very well but when its applied to video the impact is quite odd.   Again the difference between the bad examples and the sublime creations are astonishing…

Here is my own attempt using tiltshiftmaker and a snap from Cinque Terre, Italy:

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One Response to Tilt shift

  1. AT says:

    For those who missed it… Tilt Shift went mainstream when it was used for all the intros at the Eurovision song contest. Some of the promos were actually very good… from a tilt shift perspective at least 😉

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