Girls on film

I know I’ve seen examples of Erika Iris Simmons fantastic tape art before – and I think it might have been in Metro or the Evening Standard a few months back.  I was reminded again how fantastic both her concept and execution is when having my obligatory read of GQ while flying to Stockholm for a visit over the weekend.  It was her portrait of Bob Dylan from the series Ghost in the Machine (what a great title!) that was used and it is a brilliant work as well as being the perfect illustration of the article itself – so great work by the picture editor! 

Anyway, having explored Simmons’ work a bit more I have to say that it’s perhaps her works with film reels that appeal to me most.  As well as the portrait of Norma Jean in that iconic pose, perhaps my favourite piece of all is this one of Audrey Hepburn inspired by (but not copied from) Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Stunning dahling, simply stunning!

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