Still life

Unlike in the softly sung words of Brett Anderson in Suede’s 1994 ballad “This still life is all I ever do…” it isn’t the only thing that the young Nicholas Kay produces – although his talent and technique when producing these fabulous, contemporary compositions is without reproach.

A Londoner by birth, Kay grew up in France becoming interested in photography during his schools years and finally graduating from Ecole Supérieur des Métiers Artistiques where he focused on still life, fashion and portraits.  Now back in London, Kay is making waves as photo editor for a number of online publications with his talent perfectly suited for both commercial and artistic works.  For his own compositions, he develops the concepts, sources his own props, constructs, lights, photographs and retouches all the works himself to ensure they are very much a part of his personal vision.

The Forever series is a case in point which are fantastically detailed and accurate constructions of classic tattoo designs using real props.  They are so good I’d almost consider one of them strapped to my arm instead of the inked version!

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