Jamie Wiek

I found a link to Wiek’s site through Its Nice That and I was originally just going to write about his fabulous visual essay The 50 Things Every Graphic Design Student Should Know.  However further exploration of his site revealed so many other great pieces of work that I felt compelled to highlight a few more gems!

The 50 is the beautifully illustrated list of top tips for anyone interested in creativity and let alone just design students and I am very much looking forward to seeing the results of The 100.  So help spread the knowledge by sharing the link and contributing!

I also particularly like the print Decisions, Decisions and am a bit gutted that it has sold out – but hopefully a little pleading from me and a few others will entice him to do a new print run or even an updated version (can I please make a few suggestions!?!?).  Other inspired works are The Joy of Cycling and 49 Objects Found Lurking in the Kitchen Drawer but Wiek seems to share my taste and design sensitivities so there isn’t much on the site that isn’t right up my street.  Pity I don’t share his talents…

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2 Responses to Jamie Wiek

  1. Jamie Wieck says:

    Thank you for giving The 50 such a nice write up! I couldn’t find your email address, so I decided to leave a comment. Also, I’ll be interested to hear your thoughts on the Decisions, Decisions print – you mentioned you had some suggestions? 🙂

  2. AT says:

    Cheers! Your work is great – am more than a teeny bit jealous!!! 😉

    As for Decisions, Decisions its more about personalising it a little so that some of the “decision trees” are a bit more related to some things that have happened or indeed things that often crop up in my life… it would still be generic enough to be relevant to everyone though.

    One example that I have just thought of is the constant discussion about directions with my wife (she can’t tell left from right which I believe is quite common…) so maybe doing a part of the tree with “left” on the right and “right” on the left would be one potential inclusion!?

    But if you have a high-res version that I could study… 😉

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