Monochrome Monday

Here and now >>  Foodie focused Here Design have done a fabulous job capturing the graphical appeal of pasta in this magnificent monochrome book cover/dust jacket design for their book The Geometry of Pasta.  Check out the main website and especially the recipe animation. Truly inspirational!  What a great showcase for their talent in producing exceptional packaging concepts for established and less well known brands.   Sadly theirs is another site that doesn’t allow for deep links to interesting parts of the website, so I’ll have to ask you to search for my other favourite The Hendrick’s Cucumber Case for Hendrick’s Gin.

Slice & dice >>  Idaho born but New York based designer Matthew Brannon mixes and matches lovely Bass-esque (a native New Yorker of course) graphics with more conceptual installations and sculptures.  Definitely worth keeping an eye on – and watching out for his propensity for using knives and forks in his designs!

Arty-tecture >>  This section was going to be called pencil pusher in reference to Sam Griffin’s chosen technique of finely detailed pencil drawings.  That was until I saw the title of his 2003 collaborative exhibition.  Genius!  I do love the painstaking details of his drawings of architectural artefacts and I especially like their titles – giving a little enlightenment to how the artist is viewing his static and inanimate subject.   Griffin’s latest works can be found at Gallery Vela in London’s West End.

Shattered illusions >>  Geometric graphic extravaganzas from a fellow Stanford alumni! Tauba  Auerbach mixes poor geometric expression with flowing works ink but perhaps the most intriguing are paintings of lightly folded paper… very interesting!

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