Cast away

One of the joys of starting a new job is meeting and then getting to know new people.  One of my team members is a Danish Kiwi (an interesting and entertaining combination!) and she has introduced me to her favourite object d’art: cast glass… 

Having lived in Sweden for almost 20 years I too have an affinity with glass and crystal – and have collected Bertil Vallien’s range of Mini-Sculptures for Kosta Boda (although only the animals) for some time.  I thought I had all of them – but apparently I am missing one!  I didn’t realise what technique was used to produce them but it turns out that they are done using sand casting as well.   Clearly there is a rich source of talented glass artists in New Zealand too and for my money Christine Cathie is the best of the bunch! 

Her works are truly beautiful and I think if I saw one for real I wouldn’t be able to resist purchasing a piece as the sinuous shapes and vibrant colours are magnificent!  Check out the interactive show guide for her latest 2010 exhibition Amorphisms.  Awesome!

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