Furniture fever

Parisian dreams >>  I haven’t yet heard back from Olivier Dollé as to the cost of his utterly gorgeous Book Shelf (Model 2 I think, 1 is a bit big at just under four and a half meters) – but sadly I have a feeling my recent income from selling a few unwanted pieces of technology and furniture on eBay won’t make much of a contribution towards a potential purchase of this amazing piece of design. Which is a pity… a real pity…  The desk would look fabulous in the same room too…

A tight fight >>  Yes, that’s right – the entire concept for a modular furniture system is based on a tight fit.  The Snug-it system from Brooklyn based ecoSystems is a really clever way to construct bespoke furniture using various configurations and multiples of the same two parts: an angular aluminium “connector” and flat “panels” made from eco-friendly materials such as reclaimed wood (from bleachers no less!), plywood or glass.  The end result is a hassle free, flat-pack furniture system that can easily be reconfigured as needs and wants change.  It also gives it a distinctive look.  Clever!

Highly strung >>  Feeling stressed? If you are I bet you are not nearly as stretched as these neat acrylic and rubber cord shelves from the fervent mind of Debra Folz.  The wonderful geometric patterns and vibrant primary colours make these modern masterpieces!   I love many of her pieces of furniture – especially Stretch, but sadly my living arrangements and current styling can’t really accommodate these designs. Maybe I should get myself another property…

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