Global warming

Aha! moments >>  I think I’ll leave it to the copywriters at Japanese design firm nendo to describe what they are trying to achieve: “Giving People a small ‘!’ moment. There are so many small such moments hidden in our everyday. But we don’t recognise them.  And even when we do recognise them we tend to unconsciously reset our minds and forget what we’ve seen [ed: that’s what evernote is for].  But we believe these small ‘!’ moments are what make our day so interesting, so rich.  That’s why we want to reconstitute the everyday by collecting and reshaping them into something that’s easy to understand.  We’d like the people who’ve encountered nendo’s designs to feel these small moments intuitively.  That’s nendo’s job.”  You have got to admire their ambition – and their designs.  Here it is the perfect contemporary corona globe – destined for my study!

Classic contemporary >>  Almost 10 years ago I coined a phrase “classic contemporary” to describe my preferred interior style and also as way of describing the type of furniture that I was selling in my west-end showroom (now sadly defunct).  But
that also perfectly describes this wood stove from Yanes Wühl and winner of a Wallpaper 2011 Design Award.  This would be perfectly at home in both a 200 year old cabin (yes, even the concrete) as much as in a über-minimalist John Pawson interior.  A worthy winner.

Hot stuff >>  Now I wouldn’t normally do any promotion for instant coffee, but sometimes you have got to acknowledge when the purveyors thereof (in this case Nescafe) get something right… in this case it is a round of applause for the commissioning of this
wonderfully clever thermos from Swiss designer Jörg Boner.  This vessel combines function, style and even branding attributes perfectly to fulfil all the needs that any discerning traveller would require for transporting their daily caffeine fix.  The best bit for me is the fact that it combines two decent sized cups with a perfectly formed jug style
canister.  What more can I say other than genius!

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