Lord of the Flies

On a recent visit to Rutland Water I popped into the tackle shop by the water’s edge – the first time I had been into such an emporium.  And what a place it was!  A proper little santa’s grotto – especially if you are into lots of colour, sparkles and feathery bits – and not too dissimilar to an old school haberdashery ; a place where you wouldn’t expect to find many men.  Equally you wouldn’t expect to find too many women in a fishing tackle shop yet the similarities between the two are striking.  Replace the rods for
sewing machines and bob(bin)’s your uncle!

The main purpose of all of this colourful finery is to provide the materials to tie fishing flies.  And in the right hands these endless bits and bobs and pieces of fluff can be turned into genuine works of art.   Even ignoring their function, fishing flies can look magnificent in their own right and only go up in estimation when you know that they are proven in the field (through endless hours of tireless casting) at being the object of desire for the mighty
salmon or agile trout.

The beauty and art of the fly was spotted in the article Barbed Beauty featured in the most recent Patek Phillippe owners magazine, highlighting the work of Bob Verka and Håkan Karsnäser and resplendent (as always) with the most magnificent photography including
some amazing macro shots showing off the precision detailing of the handiwork that
these guys produce.

Sadly I can’t find a link to the article or photographs online – so you will have to make do with their own photographs in the links above.  What a pity.

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