Friar tuck (and fold)

Even at 92 years of age, Father Magnus Wenninger is still at the top of his game.  He is both a catholic monk and a renowned mathematician but is equally recognised as a builder par excellence of paper polyhedrons and polytopes.

Wenninger is also the author of the two most referenced works in the area of mathematical models – but he isn’t going to win any copywriting prizes for the titles: Polyhedron Models and Dual Models are as very much the Ronseal tomes of the mathematical model fraternity. 

And what is wrong with that?

You’ve also got to love to the names of the various forms such as the isosceles tetracontrahedron, kaleidocycles and my personal favourite the platonic solids.  If only people would have the same level of imagination when naming their cats wouldn’t life be a bit more interesting?

My interest in this topic, as per usual, is the artistic qualities of these beautiful models and once again my attention was piqued by some beautiful photography in the Patek magazine.  But alas (and sadly for you) these wonderful pictures are not available anywhere and you will have to make do with the rather lesser quality images on the Saint John’s Abbey website and other similar modelling sites

Despite the poor quality of these images, you can still marvel at the intricacies and perfect lines of the geometric shapes with their lovely spikes and protrusions… some of them reminding me of these snowflake crystal photos that I found a few years ago.

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