That’s right four fun links for the 2nd of September and a little tip of my hat to the new football season that got underway a week or so ago.  So on this balmy early autumn day (yes, its 25 degrees and clear blue skies outside right now) here is a lovely bunch of links to savour and enjoy!

No, no its not Skynet >>  well not yet anyway, but the fictitious self-aware computer network from Cyberdyne Systems that created the Terminators had to have started somewhere, so why not in a university lab somewhere in Europe using tax-payers money?  The researchers have done a stellar job in selling this to the geeks among us with a great introduction to Swarmanoid – a heterogeneous robot swarm. Hasta la vista!

Clever clogs >>  You know how you hate pop-ups, pop-under, interstitials and all the other “in your face” digital advertising techniques that are the equivalent of those dozy inserts that you just shake out of magazines straight into the bin? Well there is clearly still hope for the offline marketing people to develop clever techniques that are even more engaging (and far more interesting) than their digital brethren.  Check out this list from Adweek of fabulous magazine ads from around the world. Stunning stuff although the cost per implementation must be astronomical relatively speaking!

Jaws Finding Nemo >> oh man these Air Swimmers are truly awesome and if I had kids believe me I would already have the shark on constant floatation around the house for many reasons… you would never get any lip from the wee ones that’s for sure; too scared!

Zef wants a job >>  and with this 4-bit, Text TV CV you would be foolish not to hire him in a digitally creative role.   I’m jealous… I thought my CV was interesting until I saw this!

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  1. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed now.

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