Digital inkling

Unlike the rest of my artistically gifted family, I’m not too hot with a pen and ink – no, my skills in this area are technical and best supported with a set square and scale. However if the latest product from Wacom – the inkling – was available way back when,  I might just have been tempted to spend a little more time honing my doodling talent.  I realize that this is still bespoke hardware and that you are stuck with the pen that Wacom provide – but it really does look like the integrity of ballpoint on paper has been kept intact… check out this video to see it all in action!  I also love the fact that it can handle pressure (and therefore shading) as well as exporting to bitmap and (more interestingly) vector formats… I definitely know one or two people close to me that should seriously consider this tool as part of their creative armoury!

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