Pimp my pix

Oh me oh my! Here are four fabulous products to inspire you to get out there and take more great photos. Sadly the fourth item on show here is only a concept – but what a concept! I think even I would start to print my snaps again if I had one of those snazzy printers…

Colorware Leica >> Yes, yes, yes – I know you’ve seen this in every magazine and blog already, but that doesn’t detract from its uber-coolness. And yes I’m talking about both Leica and the general Colorware concept. I think I’ll have my D50 pimped in white and blue to match my Crumpler Banana Hammock. Or, maybe a custom Desire Sensation? Hmmm…. Thinking caps on!

C-Loop >> So I’ve got my new in-vogue white and blue Canon, now what else can I add to make it more useful? How about this clever little bit of precision engineering and Made in San Fransisco no less (not often you can say that these days!). The c-loop replaces the top and side mounted camera strap mounting that are, in all honesty, pretty annoying and instead gives you a gizmo that connects to the bottom of the camera by reusing the tripod mount. Oh so clever! And it was funded through the amazing site Kickstarter; go
there and pledge some funds to this or any other great project that they are promoting!

Gorillapod Micro >> My camera bag is resplendent with three (yes that’s right – three!) different tripods. The full-size one is excellent but not great for carting around all over the place and the other two mini-tripods are really quite useless. I’ve been looking for one that will handle a small SLR as well as my little point and shoot – and well I think
this little beauty, might well be what I’ve been waiting for! Small, well designed and doesn’t look completely out-of-place even when ‘always on’.  Now if I can just get it colorwared to match the camera that would be fantastic!

SWYP >> See What You Print – that’s what that lovely FLA (‘Four Letter Acronym’) stands for and as I mentioned in the ingress to this post, this gorgeous piece of kit is getting my heart racing – and it is still only a concept! I imagine that it won’t actually happen as a piece of embedded technology (way to expensive compared with other printer concepts) but I don’t see why it wouldn’t happen on as an app for one of the major tablet manufacturers which is a little defeatist I know, but probably realistic!

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